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Recruitment & Hiring

The Human Resources recruitment team supports departments across the University of Arizona in maintaining a diverse, highly qualified, and inclusive workforce. Through our local and national advertising efforts, we encourage applications from candidates with a broad range of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. We further support these efforts by actively participating in community-based events. Among our many activities recruitment team members

  • Attend job fairs and informational applicant panels
  • Represent the UA on local boards and support community partnerships
  • Provide career advising to local service members transitioning into the civilian workforce
  • Assist with posting creation and management, applicant support, and recruitment advising

Designed for supervisors and search committees, the Recruitment section of the website offers resources that explain recruitment best practices and promote consistency in hiring procedures across campus. In particular, the Guide to Successful Searches is a comprehensive manual for completing a successful candidate search—topics covered include Forming a Search Committee, Creating and Marketing a Position Description, Tips on the Interviewing and Screening Process, Interview Questions to Ask and Avoid, and much more.

Another useful recruiting resource is “Why UA?” ( This website highlights the advantages of working at the UA and living in Tucson—serving as a marketing tool to attract candidates.  A link to this site is automatically included in all UACareers job postings. This site provides useful information that hiring department representatives or search committee members can share with candidates during the interview process.

Managing the Application System

UACareers Website (Department View)

UACareers Website (Applicant View

UACareers: Tutorials and Information

UACareers: User’s Guide

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Career Track (UA’s former system)

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Hiring Transactions

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